Multimedia interactive software kit for the LUKOIL company focuses on the everyday use of petrochemical products. It features a multi-touch display that enables intuitive user interaction. The kit is an entertaining game where the user needs to search different items made of petrochemicals.


Multimedia interactive 3D presentation on using oil and petrochemicals in tire production. Features a large display and control panel.


Multimedia software kit for AO “123 Aviaremontniy zavod”, a major Russian aircraft repairs plant that specializes in maintenance and servicing of military and civil cargo aircraft. The multimedia lit includes a large 3-meter display and 23-inch multi-touch block. Also, it features a full-size 3D map and interactive user interface.

Virtual Reality

CEEK VR magnifies the excitement of any video by transforming your phone into the most engulfing mega theater. From 360 VR Videos to True 3D and VR Games, CEEK delivers compelling experiences intensified by our award winning patented 4D virtual reality audio and visual technologies.

Augmented Reality

Space Kids will take you on an exciting adventure into the world of augmented reality. Explore the outer space and discover an entertaining way to study science and math. Take a photo of any target and dive into the world of augmented reality.

Virtual Reality

With music by Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, One Republic, The Jackson 5, Oliver, and Mary J. Blige. A VRy Merry Experience is a magical VR journey through the lives of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Beginning with the first time they meet as children to traveling through a dystopian future ruled by robots. The story comes full circle in the present day and a season full of love and goodwill. 

Virtual Reality

Game action unfolds in an apocalyptic city and its suburbs. The game is a dynamic first person virtual reality runner. The main character runs away from the insidious monsters who strive to attack. Monsters are everywhere, running behind you, they jump from the side and above, jumping from buildings and everything. In addition, you will encounter various obstacles such as falling rubble, cracked asphalt, holes in the ground, burning cars and much more.  

2D Game

Military Battle is a captivating step-by-step tactical game with elements of an arcade; you can play against your computer or your friends for several dozens of levels using various military equipment and endless number of combat strategies. Precision and speed of your actions determine your success in Military Battle game. Defeat enemies’ military vehicles: complete several dozens of unique levels, each one of them with a matchless design. Earn coins by retrieving new equipment and opening new levels. Share your achievements with your friends!

2D Game

Nerd's Adventure is a colorful arcade platformer; you are a four-eyed nerd and you have to complete many difficult levels. You will encounter hordes of monsters and deadly abysses, but your finger dexterity must help you to overcome all the obstacles! This game has everything Super Mario fans need: interesting levels with plenty of platforms, coins and treasure chests and bonus weapon that will help you to fight the monsters.

3D Game

Exploder 3D: this game will change the way you look at a labyrinth arcade puzzle genre! Immerse yourself into a fascinating world of 3D labyrinths with lurking dangers. Your goal is to help the main character find a way out, within a certain timeframe, by passing the intricate labyrinths with entrapments at every turn. There are dozens of thrilling levels, ability to switch from 3D to 2D camera, autosave of completed levels and much more.

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